Counting to 100 Activities for Kindergarten

Before a child can learn to add, subtract, multiply, or any number of math concepts, they need master counting. 

These fun counting to 100 activities are all fun ways to master counting from 1 to 100. Some of these are fun games, others get your kids outside while they learn, and others help with their fine motor skills. 

And, with every single one of these activities, your child will have fun while they learn.

Help your kindergartner with math at home with one of these hands-on counting to 100 activities to help your child with counting by ones and tens.

By the time your child is through with kindergarten, they need to master this skill. 

These counting to 100 activities will help your child master counting both by ones and skip counting by tens.

There are approximately 1 million ways to learn this skill. (Okay, 1 million may be an exaggeration,but there are still a lot of ways!) Choose activities that best suit your child. Try one of these ideas for practice at home.

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Help your kindergartner with math at home with one of these hands-on counting to 100 activities to help your child with counting by ones and tens.

Movement Counting by 100 Activities

1,2,3 Counting Maze Take this preschool activity from Hands-On as We Grow and expand on it for your kindergartner. Make a big maze all the way to 100 or practice chunks that your child may be struggling with (for example 60-80). No matter what, it’s a fun way to learn outside.

Counting WalkThis is another preschool activity that can be adapted to help kindergartners work on counting to 100. Instead of counting mailboxes, try to count the leaves on a tree. You can even count your steps until you reach 100.

Dance to 100Get your wiggles out with a fun song. You can find several fun choices on YouTube, like the Count to 100 Song by Kiboomu and Counting to 100 by GPA Learn.

Go on a Counting Scavenger Hunt – Search for all the number from 1 to 100 and put them in order with this fun scavenger hunt, which includes printable numbers, from Creekside Learning.

100 Cup ChallengeCan you make a tower with 100 cups? Knock it down (grab the Nerf guns for this part) and build it up again. Make sure you practice counting to 100 while you’re having fun with this activity from Busy Kids, Happy Mom.

Driveway Hundred Chart Create a giant hundred chart on your driveway and use it to play some fun counting games.

Help your kindergartner with math at home with one of these hands-on counting to 100 activities to help your child with counting by ones and tens.

Fine Motor Counting to 100 Activities

Paper Clip MathUse this fun idea with paper clips from Sugar Aunts to practice counting. It’s perfect for kids who need some extra fine motor practice.

Count Small ObjectsChoose one of more of these objects and practice counting.For additional fine motor practice, move the items in and out of a container while you’re counting.

100 Puzzle – Make a simple DIY hundred puzzle. It’s easy and a fun way to practice over and over again. Scroll down to the middle of this post from Miss Giraffe’s Class to find out how to make one.

Counting to 100 Activities with a Hundred Chart

The Basics: How to Use a Hundred Chart Why are we using a hundred chart? Check this post for a primer on the hundred chart. Plus, you can find a printable hundred chart you can use in many activities.

Roll to 100Print out a hundred chart to play this fun game from Kitchen Floor Crafts. It’s easy to play and covers both counting to 100 by ones and tens. You can find a printable hundred chart here.

LEGO Hundred Chart Check out this post at Stir the Wonder to find out how to make your own LEGO Hundred Board. During the building process, you’ll learn to put the numbers in order from 1 – 100. The best part is you can use this as a puzzle and build it again and again.

Jingle All the Way to 100This fun hundred chart based game at Simple Kinder has a Christmas theme, but you can change out the game pieces and play it anytime.

Help your kindergartner with math at home with one of these hands-on counting to 100 activities to help your child with counting by ones and tens.

Can You Paint 100 Colors? Combine math and art with this lovely idea from NurtureStore. Create your colorful hundred chard and use it for many activities.

Sticky Hundred Chart Take the hundred chart to another level with this fun idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons. You can use it over and over again.

Rainbow Math Popsicle Stick Hundred Chart Go to Sugar Aunts to find out how to make this colorful tool that will help you with both counting by ones and by tens.

Wacky Mixed Up Hundred Chart – Can you put the hundred chart back together? Practice your counting skills while you solve this puzzle inspired by the Dr. Seuss book, Wacky Wednesday.

Hundred Chart Missing Number Game – Guess which number is hidden with this simple hundred chart game.

You can find even more fun ideas at this post, Fun Hundred Chart Games and Activities.

Read a Counting Book

I love that there are great books that will reinforce math skills. Here are some fun choices for counting to 100.

100 Snowmen by Jen Arena

I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith

100 Days of Cool by Stuart J. Murphy

From One to One Hundred by Teri Sloat

100 School Days by Anne Rockwell

One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes

Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100 by H.A. Rey

Help your kindergartner with math at home with one of these hands-on counting to 100 activities to help your child with counting by ones and tens.

Skip Counting to 100 Activities

Jump to 100Grab the couch cushions and get ready to move with this fun jumping game from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas where you practice counting by 10.

Sidewalk Chalk Skip CountingLearn to play Skip Counting Hopscotch and Skip Counting Rings at Playdough to Plato. Both can be easily adapted for counting by 10.

Skip Counting BookmarksKeep a bookmark handy to review your skip counting by tens facts. 3 Dinosaurs has a printable set of all the skip counting facts and you can easily print out the ones you need.

Skip Counting by 10 with Bottle Caps Use pony beads and bottle caps to make a visual representative of 100 with this idea. This is a great way to learn skip counting and also works fine motor skills.

Skip Counting StoreSet up a simple pretend play store designed to practice skip counting. All the prices are multiples of 10!

Count to 100 Basketball Game You can find this fun sports-themed printable game at A Little Pinch of Perfect. You’ll count up to 100 using groups of ten.

Skip Counting with The Cat in the HatPractice counting by 10’s with this simple DIY puzzle game.

Super Hero Skip CountingSuper hero fans will have a lot of fun with this simple idea from Sugar Aunts. It can be easily adapted for kindergartners who need to practice counting by tens to 100.

Pick your favorite counting to 100 activities and have fun while you practice at home.

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Must have counting resources:

Whether it’s a game or a set of fun counting bears, there are so many fun resources to purchase to help your child with this skill. My favorite was always playing the game, Chutes and Ladders. Check out all the fun resources below:

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