Family Friendly Movies for Family Movie Night

Do you like to have movie nights with your family?

It’s one of our favorite things to do together, so I’m always searching for some fun family friendly movies to watch.

We enjoy all kinds of movies, comedies, sports movies, superhero movies, fantasy, and more. No matter what we choose, it’s always fun!

So settle in, grab some movies snacks, pop in a great movie, and get ready for a great family night!

What are you going to watch for your next family movie night? Here are the best choices for fun family friendly movies to watch.

Top Family Friendly Movies

No matter what type of movie your family likes to watch, I’ve got some great suggestions for  you.

Pick a topic, click through, and you’ll find some great family movie recommendations from my family to yours. Maybe not everything will be a great fit for your family, but I can guarantee you’ll find some great choices to have an awesome family movie night.

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Top Ten Musicals

If your family loves musicals, here are 10 fun movie suggestions.

Rewatch a favorite or find a new movies from these Top 10 Family Friendly Musicals.

Fun Sports Movies

Do you have a family full of sports fans? Or do you just love inspiring movies?

Then, you’ll want to fire up one of these suggestions from this list of Ten Sports Movies for Families.

What are you going to watch for your next family movie night? Here are the best choices for fun family friendly movies to watch.

Disney Classic Live Action Movies

I grew up watching many of these Disney classics and now I love to share them with my kids. They’re fun and all are very kid friendly.

Check out my 10 Favorite Disney Classic Live Action Movies for families at this list.

Superhero Movies

We love the action and adventure in a good superhero movies. These are often our top choice for family movies night.

If your family loves superheroes too, you’ll love the choices from this list of Top 10 Superhero Movies for Families.

Halloween Movies

It’s always fun to have a theme night during holiday time. So once October rolls around, you may want to try a fun and spooky family friendly movie.

So, check out this list of 10 Fun Halloween Movies for Families so you can have an awesome Halloween movie night.

What are you going to watch for your next family movie night? Here are the best choices for fun family friendly movies to watch.

Are you ready to choose a fun family friendly movie for your next movie night? Are you going to try a musical, a sports movie, or something else?

Whatever you choose, I’m sure it’s going to be fun and you’ll have plenty of quality time with your family.

And, don’t forget the snacks! Try one of these yummy popcorn treats for family movie night for anyone that has the munchies.

Recommended Family Movie Night Resources:

If you’ve got Amazon Prime, it can be so easy to have a fun movie night. They’ve got so many family friendly movies available via streaming (in addition to other great benefits). You can sign up for Amazon Prime via this link.

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Do you have a favorite family friendly movie? Or a suggestion for another fun themed list? Let me know below!

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