Free Hundred Chart Printable

There are so many fun hundred chart activities you can do. But, before you can go have fun, you need a hundred chart.

This free hundred chart printable is perfect for the job. It’s a great basic chart that will work for any activity.

All you need to do is download, print, and get ready to learn.

Get this simple free printable hundred chart to use for many math activities. This basic chart prints in black and white.

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Hundred Chart Printable

So, what can you use a hundred chart for? 

You can use it to add and subtract up to 100, just like you would a number line.

Or use it to practice counting by ones or skip counting by any number.

You can even use it to practice counting money!

You can use it as a game board with 100 spaces like our Hundred Chart Hidden Number Game.

Or, you cut it up into a puzzle like our Wacky Mixed Up Hundred Chart Puzzle.

This free hundred chart is perfect for learning and math activities.

No matter what you want to do, you’ll need a simple hundred chart. Click the link below to download and print.

This hundred chart will print in vertical format on a single piece of paper.

Download your printable hundred chart here.

Note: This free hundred chart is for classroom and home use only. Please do not distribute for pay or as part of a paid product. Thank you!

Get this simple hundred chart printable to use for learning to count and other math activities.

More Math Activities for Kids

There are so many ways to play and have fun with math. Here are a few of our favorites.

Go outside and create a big hundred chart like our fun Driveway Hundred Chart.

Practice addition with a fun card game: Addition War.

Grab your LEGOs for a fun math game when you practice addition with this Add & Fill a LEGO Base Plate Game.

Use playing card to practice making ten with this fun Make Ten Math Card Game at What Do We Do All Day.

My Must-Have Hundred Chart Resources

You can find some great hands-on hundred chart toys to extend the fun.

Try a sturdy and fun hundred chart with removable numbers or put up a large hundred chart with pockets. Or, you can get a hundred chart play mat for the floor.

Check out all the fun resources I found below.

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