Cat in the Hat Skip Counting Puzzle

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Do you love Dr. Seuss books?

We do! That’s why we’re going to use our favorites for some fun Dr. Seuss math games.

This fun Cat in the Hat Skip Counting Puzzle is a great way to practice counting. 

Practice skip counting by tens with this fun Cat in the Hat Skip Counting Puzzle inspired by one of our favorite Dr. Seuss books.

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We made this puzzle to practice skip counting by tens, but you can do anything that your child needs to work on.

Try skip counting by fives or two. Or maybe your child is still counting by ones. This versatile puzzle can work for any counting.

Supplies Needed:

1 piece each of red, blue, and white construction paper
Black permanent marker
Laminator (optional)

How to make your Cat in the Hat Skip Counting Puzzle

Start by sketching a tall – and slightly crooked – hat on your white piece of paper. Take your inspiration from the pages of The Cat in the Hat. It doesn’t have to be a perfect replica!

Cut out your hat and trace it on both the red and the blue pieces of paper. Cut out the red hat.

Your blue piece of paper is your puzzle board, so don’t cut out that hat. Instead, trace your pencil lines with the black marker.

Add your stripes to your white and red hats. You will need 10 stripes on each hat. Use a ruler and compare the hats to make the stripes as similar as possible so you can alternate the colors. Cut apart each of your stripes.

Next, use your blue puzzle board to alternate the stripes on the hat. Starting at the top strip, write your numbers (skip counting by 10) in order from 10 through 100.

If you are worried about durability, run your puzzle board and puzzle pieces through a laminator.

Note: If you are making this game for a classroom, you will have enough stripes for 2 puzzles. You’ll just need a 2nd sheet of blue paper to make another puzzle board.

Practice skip counting by tens with this fun DIY math puzzle inspired by The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. It is such a fun math game.

How to play:

Playing the game is super-easy. Just mix up the strips and have your child complete their puzzle by putting the stripes in order. That’s it!

This Cat in the Hat Skip Counting Puzzle is a fun and simple way to practice counting by tens – or any other set of skip counting!

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Cat in the Hat books

This Cat in the Hat math game is a perfect time to combine an activity with a book. So, grab a copy of The Cat in the Hat or another book featuring this fun character!

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