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Now that 2011 is coming to an end, I thought I’d do a round-up of my top 10 most popular posts according to page views.

Looking back, we’ve had a lot of fun and have been very crafty! Hopefully 2012 brings us even more fun!

10. We had a lot of fun making princess wands and a lot of fun eating them.


9. I found a lot of fun crafts and activities to do with acorns. Here’s my acorn craft round up.


8. We learned a new twist on hopscotch: shape hopscotch!


7. Here’s another fun craft round up! Thanksgiving craft round up.


6. We did a bit of recycling and came up with some pretty artwork when we did our cardboard roll stamping.
5. We made our Christmas tree even more beautiful with our stained glass window ornaments.
4. We recycled even more of our cardboard rolls and made fun googly-eyed monsters!
3. Our magazine collage owls was one of my favorite crafts that we did.
2. We learned about India and did our own version of a popular form of Indian artwork: Indian Art – Rangoli Designs.
1. And the number 1 most popular post was my owl craft round up of some of my favorite owl crafts found on some of my favorite blogs!
So there you have it, my top 10 most popular posts!
Come back tomorrow and I’ll count down my 10 favorite posts that did not make the top 10 (only 2 though 9).
And then on January 2nd, I among with other talented kid bloggers will reveal my favorite post of 2011.
If you have your own blog, there will be an opportunity to link up your favorite blog post as well! Stay tuned!
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Terri is a writer and mom of two elementary-aged girls. She has a passion for learning and is always looking for ways to make learning fun. You can find her at Better Than Homework where she shares fun learning activities or Creative Family Fun where she shares art, craft, and family fun ideas.

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