Collage Owls

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After gathering a lot of inspiration for owl crafts, I combined bits of all the ideas and came up with an owl craft of my own.

I had a pile of old magazines that needed to head to the recycling bin, and they became the inspiration behind our magazine collage owls.

Before we recycled the magazines, the girls and I spent an evening around the dining room table cutting out scrap pieces from the pages.

We talked about owls and what colors they were, so decided to look for brown, black, white, and grey in the magazines.

It didn’t take long for use to have quite a big pile of  paper. Once we had our magazine scraps, it was time to craft.

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Supplies Needed:

Old magazines
Brown construction paper
Black construction paper
Yellow and white paper scraps

To prepare the project, I drew a large oval on the brown construction paper for the body of the owl.

I then took the glue and thinned it out a bit with the water to make it easier to spread. I used a ratio of about 3 parts glue to 1 part water.

The girls started painting on the glue and covering every bit of the oval with magazine pieces. They used a lot of glue!

Finally, after a bit of encouragement on my part to actually stick the magazine pieces on the paper instead of playing with the glue, we had completed collages.

Drying time took awhile, since we had used so much glue.

In the end, the collages turned out well and all the glue dried clear.

Once the collages were dry, I took out my scissors and cut out the ovals. I used the scrap brown paper to cut out a branch shape.

We glued down the branch to the black paper and added our collage ovals.

I had cut out yellow triangles for the beaks and white ovals for the eyes out of scrap paper.

Lizzie, who’s 4, put together the first owl without any assistance on my part. The second owl was done by AJ, who’s 2, with a lot of mommy assistance.

I love how they turned out!

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