Stained Glass Window Ornaments

The girls love making new ornaments for our Christmas tree.

In fact, if I ask them if they want to do a craft project, they usually tell me they want to make a new Christmas ornament.

One of our recent creations was our stained glass window ornaments. They were so easy to make and are a perfect choice if you’re looking for a mess-free kids’ Christmas craft.

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Supplies Needed:
Clear Contact Paper
Black construction paper
Colored tissue paper torn into small pieces
Hole punch

In order to prep this project, I cut the window shapes out of the black construction paper. You’ll need two window cutouts for each ornament. If you double-up the paper and cut two at once, it will make it much easier to match up the two pieces in the end.


I taped down a piece of Contact Paper and placed the window pieces on it.

Each girl was going to make two stained glass window ornaments.


Now for the fun part!

The girls started applying the tissue paper. Don’t worry about covering up the black construction paper, we’ll take care of that part later.


AJ, in particular, loved the stickiness of the Contact Paper. Not only was this a fun craft for her, but a great sensory experience as well.

She wouldn’t stop until the entire piece of Contact Paper was covered.


After we were done with the tissue paper, we took the coordinating window pieces and lined them up with the ones already on the contact paper.

You will now have two window cutouts with tissue paper in between.


Finally, cover the entire project with a second sheet of contact paper.

Cut out each window, punch a hole in the top and add a string for hanging on the tree. Voila, it’s done!


Now, we have beautiful stained glass window ornaments hanging on our tree.

Do you have any fun and simple ideas for Christmas ornaments? I’m running out of ideas!


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