Top 10 Superhero Movies for Families

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My husband and two girls all love superheroes. They love the movies, the toys, and books. And, they’ve been trying to draw me into their world.

So, when we have a family movie night, superhero movies are very popular.

Since we’ve seen so many, I asked my superhero expert (my husband) to come up with his list of Top 10 Superhero Movies for Families.

And after superhero movie night, try one of these great ideas for family friendly movies to watch on your next movie night.

Grab the popcorn and settle in for a fun family movie night with these best superhero movies for families. You'll find choices for little kids and big kids.

Get ready for an exciting movie night! These movies are so much fun!

Note: I pulled the age suggestions from Common Sense Media. These suggestions are just that – a suggestion. Our family has allowed our kids of a younger age to watch all of these movies, but superhero movies can have intense scenes. You know your kids better than anyone and can best make the decision as to what movies are best for your family.

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Superhero Movies for Kids Under 10

Get ready for a fun and exciting family movie night with one of these fantastic Top 10 Superhero Movies for families that everyone will love.

The Incredibles (Ages 7+, rated PG) – I cannot think of a better superhero movie choice for younger kids than The Incredibles. This Pixar classic about a family of superheroes is funny and exciting. It truly can be enjoyed by both kids and parents.

Big Hero 6 (Ages 7+, rated PG) – Big Hero 6 is another great animated superhero movie about a group of kids who turn into superheroes. It’s fun and has a great message. Just know that one of the main themes in this movie is dealing with grief, but in a kid-appropriate way.

Superman the Movie (Ages 8+, rated PG) – Most live-action superhero movies are not the best for younger kids, but Superman the Movie – the classic starring Christopher Reeve – is a good safe choice for the family. It’s fun and action-packed, but not as intense as the more recent offerings.

Best Superhero Movies for Families with Kids 10 and Up

Get ready for a fun and exciting family movie night with one of these fantastic Top 10 Superhero Movies for families that everyone will love.

Spider Man (ages 11+, rated PG-13) – There are quite a few Spider Man movies, but in my opinion, the 2002 version starring Tobey Maguire is my favorite. It’s funny, action-packed, and tells the origin story of this popular superhero.

Captain America: The First Avenger (ages 11+, rated PG-13) – Captain America: The First Avenger is probably the most tame of all the Captain America movies. It’s also a whole lot of fun! Since this is the first Captain America movie, it tells the origin story and it’s always fun to learn how a favorite superhero came about.

Wonder Woman (ages 12+, rated PG-13) – If you want to see a movie with strong female characters, pull up a couch and slip this DVD in the player. This is yet another origin story (origin stories are the best!) with a fun, sensitive, and strong character.

Ant-Man (ages 12+, rated PG-13) – Ant-Man is tamer than many of the other superhero movies and also full of humor. But, there’s still a lot of comic book fun. It’s a fun story of an unlikely hero.

Get ready for a fun and exciting family movie night with one of these fantastic Top 10 Superhero Movies for families that everyone will love.

Thor: Ragnarok (ages 12+, rated PG-13) – Unlike the other movie picks, Thor: Ragnarok is not the first movie in the Thor series. But, it is the funniest and has the better story. You don’t even need to have watched the first Thor movie to enjoy this one (and I know because I still haven’t watched the first one).

Guardians of the Galaxy (ages 12+, rated PG-13) – Guardians of the Galaxy is probably the most fun of all the superhero movies. It’s full of humor, an awesome group of rag-tag characters, and by far the best soundtrack out of any of these movies. It’s definitely a favorite in our family.

Black Panther (ages 12+, rated PG-13) – It was hard to decide, but Black Panther is probably my favorite out of the entire list. It features diverse characters, strong and smart female characters, an amazing fictional city, and a story that hooks you from the very beginning. It’s lots of fun with a great message.

Bonus: The Avengers (ages 13+) – I’m including The Avengers as a bonus movie on the list because it’s definitely one of the best – though it’s more suited for tweens, teens, and above. It’s more intense at times but the story is great and it definitely ties a lot of the other movies together.

If you’ve got superhero fans in the family, you’ll definitely want to try one of these superhero movies for families at your next family movie night. They’re exciting and so much fun!

Get ready for a fun and exciting family movie night with one of these fantastic Top 10 Superhero Movies for families that everyone will love.

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