Top 10 Sports Movies for Families

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I’m not a big sports fan, but I love a good sports movie.

They’re full of feel-good moments, stories of teamwork, and underdog stories. And, these characteristics are exactly why they’re perfect for a family movie night.

So, grab the family and get ready to cheer with our Top 10 Sports Movies for Families! You’ll have a fun night!

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Settle in for a fun family movie night with your kids to watch one of these awesome choices from the Top 10 Sports Movies for families.

Note: I pulled the age suggestions from Common Sense Media. These suggestions are just that – a suggestion. You know your kids better than anyone and can best make the decision as to what movies are best for your family.

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Sports Movies for Families with Kids under 10

Settle in for a fun family movie night with your kids to watch one of these awesome choices from the Top 10 Sports Movies for families.

Air Bud (ages 6+, rated PG) Usually, I try to find movies that appeal to both kids and parents, but I’ll confess that this choice is much more appealing to kids. But, it’s a cute movie for kids who love dogs – and sports. Plus, it’s the sports movie that best appeals to the younger kids.

The Rookie (ages 7+, rated G) The Rookie is the story of a high school baseball coach who promises his team that if they’ll win the division title, he’ll try out for the major leagues. This movie is great for families, but may not be as appealing to younger kids because the movie revolves around an adult and not kids.

Cool Runnings (ages 8+, rated PG) Cool Runnings is a funny and positive movie inspired by the Jamaican bobsled team’s appearance at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. It’s a fun choice if you love underdog stories.

Miracle (ages 8+, rated PG) If you’ve got hockey fans, this movie about the United States hockey teams’ unlikely gold medal victory in the 1980 Winter Olympic Games. And even if you’re not hockey fans, you’ll enjoy this movie and will be cheering along the whole time.

The Sandlot (ages 8+, rated PG) This story about shenanigans of a pick-up neighborhood baseball team in the 1950’s. This movie is full of nostalgia and is a family favorite at our house. This movie does include swearing, including by some of the kids, so if that bothers you, you may want to pre-screen it.

Sports Movies for Families with Kids ages 10 and up

Settle in for a fun family movie night with your kids to watch one of these awesome choices from the Top 10 Sports Movies for families.

A League of Their Own (ages 10+, rated PG) A League of Their Own is a classic sports movie based on the All-American Girls Professional Girls Baseball League from the 1940’s. It’s full of positive female role models with a good message about teamwork.

Invincible (ages 10+, rated PG) I love this underdog movie about a 30-year-old down on his luck man who goes to open try-outs for the Philadelphia Eagles and makes the team. It’s a great movie that shows the power of dreams and that it’s never to late to chase them.

Little Giants (ages 10+, rated PG) What happens when you don’t make a peewee football team because you’re a girl? Well, hopefully your dad volunteers to coach your own rag-tag football team. This movie is full of potty-humor and has some swearing, but overall it’s a fun and positive choice.

Mighty Ducks (ages 11+, rated PG) The Mighty Ducks is the story of a ragtag hockey team and their coach, who doesn’t even want to be coaching but has to because of a community service violation. This is a fun and positive movie about teamwork and the joy of sports. But, like a few other choices here, there is some swearing which makes it more suitable for older kids than for younger ones.

Rudy (ages 11+, rated PG) I will confess that Rudy is one of my all-time favorite movies (and I’m not even a football fan). It’s based on the true-story of an underdog who overcomes great odds to play football for Notre Dame. You cheer, you’ll cry, and you’ll have a great time watching this with your family.

Which one of these sports movies for families are you going to watch for your next family movie night? Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list?

Settle in for a fun family movie night with your kids to watch one of these awesome choices from the Top 10 Sports Movies for families.

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