July Simple Family Fun Ideas

Ahhh July. Summer is here, the kids are out of school, and it’s time for a few simple family adventures.

But, what to do? There’s always swimming, camping, or visiting a playground. Those ideas are always fun, but it’s probably something you’ve already got on the schedule.

If you’re looking for something new, here are 10 ideas for some July simple family fun. These fun and frugal ideas will get you out of the house for a fun adventure and some will help you find adventure indoors.

Print out your July Family Adventures, pick out a couple of fun things, jot them on the calendar, and have some fun!

Have some adventures with your family when you try one of these great July Simple Family Fun Ideas. The ideas are frugal, easy, and so much fun!

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July Outdoor Adventures

Challenge the family to a backyard track meet. Have foot races, relay races, or a long jump competition. Or, you can go bigger with a fun Family Olympics!

Do bark rubbing and try to identify the trees in your neighborhood or a local park. If you don’t have a tree field guide, you can borrow one from your local library.

Make a simple meal and have a picnic dinner outside.

Go on a pattern hunt. See how many patterns you can find outside. You can even bring this challenge inside to find patterns around the house or even your favorite store.

July Indoor Family Adventures

Have a popcorn annd movie night. Treat your kids to a favorite movie from your childhood. Do you need suggestions? Here are our favorite musicals for family movie night.

Make collaborative drawings. Start a picture and pass it on to the next person. Keep passing until everyone has contributed.

Play charades or another old-fashioned game. It you want to take it outside, you could play Red Light, Green Light or Mother May I.

Start a gratitude journal. Have each family member record things that make them grateful every day or once a week. You could buy a pretty journal or use our tutorial to create your own simple gratitude journal.

Make a simple DIY Gratitude Journal. This little journal is a great place to encourage kids to write about all that they are thankful for.

Finger Paint! As adults, we usually stand back and let the kids have all the fun. But, for this challenge, dig in and get your hands dirty too. It’s so much fun!

Have a joke-off. Learn a few new jokes and make each other laugh. You can find new jokes from a fun book or this great post from Frugal Fun for Boys & Girls.

Print out your July Simple Family Fun Ideas

You can grab a copy of your July Family Fun Ideas here. Just download and print. It all prints on one sheet of paper. Hang it up and use it to inspire the family all  month long.

Choose a few ideas now and save a few for later. Even though these are July Family Fun ideas, you can do these anytime of the year.

Get your printable July Family Adventures here.

Which of these July simple family fun ideas are your going to try?

Have some adventures with your family when you try one of these great July Simple Family Fun Ideas. The ideas are frugal, easy, and so much fun!

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