Spider Web Masks

Masks are so much fun to make and for playing pretend. We’ve already made black cat masks as part of the 14 Days of Halloween Fun. But, now we’re making these fun spider web masks. So, grab the glitter! You’ll need plenty of it!
*Disclosure: Thank you craftprojectideas.com for providing some of the supplies used in these masks. All ideas are my own.



Supplies Needed:
Black craft foam (Note: you can make 3 masks from 1 sheet of craft foam)
White glue
Iridescent (or white or silver) glitter
Thin elastic
Prep your project by cutting out a simple mask shape from your foam. Ours were 6-1/2 inches across, which fit my 5- and 7- year old perfectly. Craft foam cuts very easily, so your older child can do this part on their own if they would like.
Once you’ve got your masks ready, find some old newspaper. This is the key to keeping the glitter mess to a minimum. Open your paper so that the crease is on the bottom. You want it to look like a valley. Get ready to work on top of the paper.
Start drawing your lines with your glue. Start from one corner and make lines toward the other side. Curve them just a bit to help with the spider web effect.
Next, draw curved lines across your lines, from one side of the mask to the other. It will look like your spider web originated from one corner of your mask.
Now it’s glitter time! Cover the mask generously with your glitter. Don’t be afraid, the glitter will clean up.
Now, in the words of Taylor Swift, it’s time to “shake it off, shake it off.” But, don’t shake it too hard, try to keep all the glitter on your newspaper. Set the masks aside to dry for awhile.
It’s time to take care of that glitter. Slowly lift up both sides so that all the glitter goes into that crease in the middle. You can then use that as a funnel to put the leftover glitter back in the container (or in the trash if you’ve got a container that you can’t take the lid off of.)
Once everything is dry, staple a cut piece of elastic to either side so that it fits on your child’s head. Your masks are ready to go!

She looks quite serious, doesn’t she? I just know she was wondering why I didn’t make the mask red with a black glitter spider web. I think she was hoping for a Spiderman mask. The thought didn’t occur to me until we were done… I may have to go shopping for some red craft foam soon.

Have fun and thank you for joining in on the 14 Days of Halloween Fun!

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