Cardboard Tube Spider Craft for Halloween

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I’m the designated spider killer at our house.

Anytime anyone finds a spider, they come find me. Apparently I’m the only one that that isn’t terrified by these little creatures.

Not only am I not terrified, I actually find them quite interesting. Not kidding. And sometimes a little bit cute. Not kidding either.

So, I thought I’d make them so cute that even my kids would appreciate them and came up with this fun idea: Cardboard Tube Spider Craft for Halloween.

Disclosure: provided some of the supplies we used to make these spiders. The idea and pictures are my own. 

Grab some cardboard tubes from the recycle bin and a few craft supplies to make this fun Halloween craft for kids: Cardboard Tube Spiders for Halloween.

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Supplies Needed:

Cardboard tubes
Black paint
Black fuzzy craft sticks (pipe cleaners)
Googly eyes

How to make your cardboard tube spider craft for Halloween

Start by cutting your cardboard tube in half (or quarters if using a paper towel roll).

Then, on opposite sides, use a sharp instrument to poke four holes per side. Grownups – please do these first two steps yourself!

I used the tip of a sharp pair of scissors to make my holes. You just need something to punch through the cardboard.

Now it’s time for the kids to take over.

Use your black paint to paint the outside of each tube. Make sure you paint over your holes.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with black here. Use any color you want for a group of fun and funky Halloween spiders. If you do this, use colorful pipe cleaners for the legs too!

After the paint is dry, thread 4 pipe cleaners through the holes. Take one pipe cleaner and thread in one hole, through the middle, and out through the hole directly across from your first hole.. Your 4 pipe cleaners will make 8 legs.

Once you have them all the pipe cleaners threaded, bend and arrange your pipe cleaners to look like spider legs.

For the final step, attach your googly eyes.

When we made our cardboard tube spider craft, some of us used 2 eyes per spider. My youngest daughter decided to be scientifically correct and use 8 eyes on her spider. I think I like that one the best.

Spiders don't have to be scary, especially when make this fun and simple kids craft, a cardboard tube spider craft for Halloween.

Once you’re done, you’ve got some fun spiders for Halloween.

Stand them up on a shelf or attach string and dangle them from the ceiling.

Either way, they’re a fun addition to your Halloween decorations.

See, I told you I could make spiders cute!

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