Googly-Eye Spider Masks…

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Watch out! The spider’s gonna get you!

Number 13 on our Fall Bucket List was to make spider masks.We’ve already began checking things off our list and recently decided that spider masks would be fun to do for craft time.

And what would make spider masks even more perfect? Why googly eyes, of course!

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Supplies Needed

Paper plates (1 for each spider)
Black construction paper (enough for 8 legs per spider – I used one sheet per set of 8 legs)
Black paint
Large craft sticks
Googly eyes

To prep the craft, I cut the center out of the paper plate. I wanted to flat portion only. I cut the eye holes out as well. I also cut the strips of paper. (I did this part because my girls aren’t all that skilled with scissors yet!)

First, we painted the paper plate and craft stick black.I thinned the paint a bit with water, so it wouldn’t be so thick and goopy on the masks. (You can thin any water-soluble paint with water.)

Then came the hard part; we had to let it dry!

Next, we accordion folded all the paper strips so the legs would be nice and wiggly.This part was difficult for my 4- and 2-year-old, so I had to help a lot. (Yep, you guessed it. I ended up folding all the legs… oh well!)

Finally, it was time to glue!I poured some glue in a saucer and gave the girls cotton swabs to make it a bit easier for them to handle.

They glued the googly eyes all over the mask and then we glued the legs to the back of the paper plate.

As a final step, we glued the painted craft sticks to the bottom of the plates. These are the handles for the girls to hold up to their faces.

Don’t forget the very important step of holding the googly eyes over your actual eyes so Mom can take silly pictures!

Spider masks are a must for Halloween this year! Have you started making Halloween crafts this year?

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