Get Crafty: 4th of July Bunting

July 4th will be here before we know it, so the girls and I decided to work together to create a fun decoration for the holiday.
We made this festive and very patriotic bunting with a few simple supplies.



Supplies Needed:
Red and blue construction paper
White paint
Sponge cut into a star shape
Crepe paper (found in the party supply section)
Before beginning the project, I cut the construction paper into triangles.
One sheet of blue and one sheet of red paper provided us with many triangles.
I folded the paper in half lengthwise, then drew my triangles. I highlighted my lines in the above picture so you could see how I drew my lines. I cut along all the lines as well as cutting along my folded line down the middle.
Once they were all cut out, the girls were ready to start making stars.
We used our sponges to stamp one star in the middle of each triangle.
Then came the hard part, waiting for them to dry! But, they did look pretty all spread out on the table!
Once everything was dry, we sorted our triangles so that we had a red/blue/red/blue pattern.
We took the red crepe paper and folded it in half. We put one triangle into the fold at a time and stapled it into the crepe paper (see picture below).
We lined the triangles up side by side with the pointed side down to get the bunting look.
Now, we’re all ready to decorate! We’ll hang the bunting and display a few flags for a fun and festive 4th of July.
Do you like to decorate for the 4th of July?

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