Easy Fingerprint Strawberries

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Miss Preschool and I recently read The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood and wanted to make a craft to go with the book.
We decided to make these simple fingerprint strawberries.
My motivation behind this craft was to create a project that would give Miss Preschool some scissor practice.


Supplies Needed:
Red construction paper
Green construction paper
Black paint
Small piece of felt
Before beginning I drew a simple strawberry shape on the red paper and the leaves and stem on the green paper. My strawberry shape almost took the whole sheet of red construction paper.
Miss Preschool started by cutting out the strawberry shape and the leaves with her scissors.
We then flipped them both over so you couldn’t see the lines I had drawn. (I drew in black marker to make it clear where she needed to cut.)
Using a glue stick, she glued the leaves and stem onto the top of the strawberry.
I took a small piece of felt and put it on an empty lid. I added some black paint and blotted it a bit to get rid of any big clumps. We used this like you would a ink pad. Miss Preschool stuck her finger on the paint, then used it to add her fingerprints all over the strawberry.
We filled up the strawberry since we were using her fingerprints to mimic the seeds.
In the end, we had a simple project.
But we accomplished our goals of cutting practice and supplementing our book.
Remember, craft projects don’t have to be complicated to be fun (and look good)!
What’s the last simple craft project you and your kids have done?


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