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Every year, I look back to see what my most viewed posts were. What did you like the best? This past year, many of my popular posts were fun learning activities for grade-schoolers. They were also some of the projects we had the most fun with.

Are you ready to count them down? You’ll love all of these posts!


10. Gratitude Conversation Starters I think a lot about gratitude in November and December and I want my kids to think about it too. I created these printable gratitude conversation starters to help us start talking about gratitude as a family. They’re perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas time.
9. Math Fact IslandsMy oldest daughter refuses to practice math facts with flash cards at home. That’s okay… they’re really not that much fun! I’ve been trying very hard to make math fact practice fun at home, so I came up with Math Fact Islands. She can move and learn at the same time! It’s a versatile game about you can use it for addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts.
8. Dear Teacher: There Are a Few Things I Need You To KnowTeachers are busy, and I never have enough time to talk to them about my daughters as much as I want to. This post is everything I wish I was able to tell my girls’ teachers each and every year.
7. Project: Around the WorldIn the beginning of 2015, we started an ambitious project. We were going to create an art project inspired by every country in the world. We started alphabetically and slowly made our way through all the “A” countries. We took a break over the holidays and we’re ready to start back up again after the first of the year.
6. Melting Crayons Science ExperimentWill crayons melt in the sun? We set out to find out and turned it into a fun science project. Try it yourself on a sunny day and print out the My Science Experiment printable sheet to guide your experiment.
5. Number Line Secret CodeThis project took a little while to set up, but the results were worth it. My girls loved practicing their math skills to solve the secret message. They asked for it again and again. This was definitely a win-win project at our house!
4. Library Scavenger HuntI know a lot of kids are like mine and don’t want to get out of their comfort zone when it comes to reading. I wanted to encourage my girls to read new genres, but I wanted to make it fun too so I came up with this Library Scavenger Hunt. I’ve got two versions, one for picture books and one for chapter books. You can get both printable scavenger hunts at the link below.
3. Plus 1, Minus 1: An Easy Math Card GameSometimes the best activities are the easiest. This fun card game is perfect for any kid practicing their plus 1 or minus 1 math facts. My daughter had a ton of fun playing it and I loved that the only thing I needed was a deck of cards.
2. Driveway Hundred ChartThis is another entry in the “math doesn’t have to be boring” category. My kindergartner was doing a lot of work with hundred charts in school and I wanted to reinforce the learning at home. So one day, I went outside and drew a huge hundred chart on our driveway! It was so much fun! Check out this post for all the fun games you can play with a Driveway Hundred Chart.
1. Classroom Treats for Holiday PartiesAccording to page views, I’m not the only one who’s every struggled with coming up with fun ideas for classroom treats. It’s especially hard when your school has a “store-bought treats only” policy. I went searching and found some fun ideas that would be perfect for a classroom  holiday party.


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Terri is a writer and mom of two elementary-aged girls. She has a passion for learning and is always looking for ways to make learning fun. You can find her at Better Than Homework where she shares fun learning activities or Creative Family Fun where she shares art, craft, and family fun ideas.

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