Printable 2016 Calendar

All I want every year is a pretty vertical calendar I can clip on a clipboard. It doesn’t sound like too much to ask, or so I thought. I remember last year putting my Google skills to the test to try to find one I liked. It was tough. I never did find on that I liked. Maybe I’m too picky.
This year, I didn’t even bother searching. I convinced myself that I could do this myself. It can’t be that hard. Or so I thought….
I won’t bore you with the details, but as you can see, I did it. I created the simple and pretty calendar of my dreams and I’m sharing it with you.
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I kept things simple. Each month is on a separate page. It’s a great at-a-glance calendar. Use it to record important dates. Keep track of school events and school holidays. Label important birthdays so you don’t forget!
I agonized for awhile about whether or not to include holidays, but in the end, I left them off. I wanted this calendar to work for anyone in the world. There were just too many holidays to include for everyone (cause I wanted to include as many as I could) that I was afraid the calendar would get too cluttered and wouldn’t be useful for you. I’m leaving it up to you to include all the dates that are important to you.

Use the link below to download and print your calendar. Print on card stock for durability and clip it on a clip board for ease of use. I hope you enjoy it!


I hope this is the exact calendar you’ve been searching for to. I know I’m happy not to have to go on a Google search.


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