Pet Shop in a Box


Since we were talking about dogs and cats last week, I thought it would be fun to put together a little pretend play kit for the girls.Pet Shop in a Box was created!

I searched through all of our toys and found little cats, dogs, birds, and rabbits.

I borrowed a few toys from our own pets, then looked through our play kitchen items for anything that might resemble pet food.

I also threw in our doctor’s kit as well. That way the girls could take care of any sick pet that came to their store.

Notice the little bunny has a band-aid on her neck? Apparently she was quite injured when she visited the pet shop!
I also made a sign and several price tags. A few times we even got out a pile of quarters for a little money practice.So far, our pet shop has been a hit! Lizzie likes to play shopkeeper and AJ likes to be the resident veterinarian. Even though we’re no longer talking about dogs and cats, we still have the pet shop out. AJ asks for it every day! So, until the girls completely tire of it, it’s staying out!

Of course, our Pet Shop in a Box has some advantages for mommy as well. Everything is contained in one box and it’s easy to enforce the “pick up after yourself” rule. Watching the girls pretend and have fun has been a blast too!

If you want to make your own Pet Shop in a Box, you’re welcome to use the printables I made. You can find them here. Have fun!


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