Construction Truck Alphabet Matching Activity for Toddlers

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Does your toddler love trucks? Build on that interest and practice learning letters with this Construction Truck Alphabet Matching Activity for Toddlers.

With this activity, we’ll work on letter recognition, letter sounds, and differentiating between upper case and lower case letters.

Help your toddler and preschooler learn the alphabet with this fun Construction Truck Alphabet Matching activity. It's a fun and hands-on way to learn.

Construction Truck Alphabet Matching Activity for Toddlers

Supplies Needed for Toddler Alphabet Game

Set-Up Your Alphabet Matching Game

The setup for this alphabet game is super easy. All you need are letters and a truck. I used a paper circle punch to cut out paper circles. Then, I wrote a letter on each circle – capital letter on one side, lower case on the other side. I drew a line under each of my lower case letters just so you can tell which way to read the letters. Instead of paper letters, you could use magnet letters. (Just be sure to supervise when using magnets especially if you choose small letters. I like these jumbo wooden letter magnets from Melissa and Doug.)

Next, you need a starting place and a landing area for the letters. I used painter’s tape to mark these areas. Double check your surface before using tape on it. Short term is usually fine for painter’s tape. If you leave it on too long (like overnight), it can damage your surface. Instead of tape, you can use a piece of paper or a tray.

Write capital letters on the tape or paper at your landing area.

Place all of your paper letters on the starting lines. I had the lower case letters facing up. The goal is to match the lower case letters with the capital letters written at the landing area.

How to Play This Alphabet Matching Game

Encourage your child to choose a paper circle. What letter do you see? Ask your child to say the name of the letter. (You can also work on letter sounds.) If she doesn’t know the name of the lower case letter, have her turn the circle over and look at the upper case letter. Does she know the name of the letter now?

Have a construction truck carry the letter to the landing area.

Match the paper circle to the correct capital letter at the landing area. Say: “Can you find the letter ___?”

You could also point to the capital letters and have your child say the name of each one until you get the matching letter.

Place the paper circle on top of the correct capital letter. Take your construction truck back to the start and get another letter.

My toddler loved playing this construction truck alphabet matching game. It was a great way for me to realize what letters he already knows and which ones he could use more practice with.

Once we had done all 26 letters, he wanted to play again. And so we did.

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