12 Ways to Play With Plastic Easter Eggs

Despite the fact that we already own a ton, we always get new plastic Easter eggs every year? Do you do this too?

We’ve accumulated quite a few over the years and it’s time to start using some of them. Luckily, there are a ton of fun ways to play with plastic eggs. I’ve gathered up 12 of my favorite ideas to share with you. Which one do you want to try?

  1. Get out the glue gun and make plastic egg sculptures with Fun-A-Day. (pictured)
  2. Make plastic egg people. We’ll show you how. (pictured)
  3. Paint with them along with Buggy & Buddy! (pictured)
  4. Use them to create a fine motor color sort game for toddlers with Minne Mama.
  5. Fill them with puzzle pieces and let your kids go on a puzzle Easter egg hunt with Make the Best of Everything. (pictured)
  6. Make fancy shaker eggs with Mama Smiles. (pictured)
  7. Add paint inside for a fun (and messy) “crack open the egg and paint” project at Teach Preschool.
  8. Make a DIY toy by turning them into magnetic eggs with Frugal Fun 4 Boys.
  9. Use the eggs for a creative way to tell the Easter story with Teach Beside Me.
  10. Make a Easter egg sound matching game with A Mom With a Lesson Plan.
  11. Make funny dancing eggs with Frog in a Pocket!
  12. Use them to make a pattern matching game for toddlers from Childhood 101. (pictured)
12 fun kids crafts and activities with plastic Easter Eggs

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