Stained Glass Stars

We just can’t stop with the stained glass projects! We made some for Halloween, some for Thanksgiving, and now we’re making Christmas stars. The process is easy and is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary-aged kids.
Disclaimer: provided some of the supplies for this project. All ideas are my own
Supplies Needed:
Clear Contact Paper
Blue and yellow construction paper
Glitter in shaker bottles
Yellow tissue paper
Use your blue and yellow construction paper to cut out star outlines. I folded the paper in half before we drew the stars so we could get two stars from each piece of paper. Feel free to make these even bigger if you’d like! Each girl made two stars, one yellow and one blue. Cut 2 pieces of Contact Paper for each project, according to the size of your stars. Peel the backing off of one piece of Contact Paper and place it sticky side up on your table. Tape the corners down so that it doesn’t go sliding all over the place.
Place your star outlines on the Contact Paper. Try not to get too close to the edge, you’ll need a little bit of on overlap. Use your glitter shakers to add a bit of sparkle to the inside of your stars. Use a little or a lot! You’ll notice that we are working on top of an old sheet. I highly recommend this to help catch any extra glitter and make clean up easier.
After the stars are all glittered, Tear pieces of your tissue paper and layer it over the glitter. Try to keep all of the tissue paper inside the star outlines. Add the second piece of Contact Paper over top, smoothing out all wrinkles as you go. I usually do this step myself because it can get tricky. Cut out your stars leaving a bit of Contact Paper around the edge.
Hang your stars in the window and let the sun shine through. I love the final look! The girls used their window markers to draw Christmas trees under their stars. It’s such a fun decoration on our big windows.
Great minds think alike: Check out this version made by Crafts on Sea based on the book Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star by Peter Horacek. So pretty!

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