Hole-Punched Bookmarks

My girls are readers. Plus, my 3rd grader takes after me and has several books going at one time. Between the three of us girls, we use A LOT of bookmarks. When we discovered our bookmark supply was getting low, we decided to get a little bit crafty and create these fun hole-punched bookmarks. They’re easy to make and turn out beautiful.
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Supplies Needed:
2 colors of construction paper for each bookmark
Laminator (optional)
For the first step in the project, we measured and cut our bookmarks. We went with a bookmark size of 2 inches by 7 inches so it would work in both smaller and larger books. For each bookmark, we used two different colors of paper.
We layered out paper together and decided which would be the front and which would be the back. We used our hold punches to create a pattern of holes in our front layer of paper.
Create swirls, zig zags, straight lines, or a random smattering. Anything will look good.
After the holes were punched, we layered our hole-punched paper on top of our bottom layer. The bottom color peeks through the holes giving the bookmark a fun polka-dot look. Next, we glue the two sheets of paper together. We used glue sticks for a quicker drying time.
You can leave your bookmarks as is, or laminate them to make them sturdier. We chose to laminate. I took our bookmarks and put them inside a laminating sheet. I left enough room to cut each one out. We then ran our bookmarks through the laminator. Cut out your bookmarks, leaving a little bit of laminating plastic around the edges.
Once our bookmarks were done, we immediately put them to the test. Yep, they work! It’s time to get reading!




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