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Poetry can be such a daunting subject. There is verse, structure, rhyme, and meter. There are sonnets, haiku, limericks, and odes. Then there are the metaphors… oh, the metaphors. Where do you begin?
Despite all the complicated terms, poetry is actually quite easy and fun to enjoy with kids. We’ve read tons of great poetry for kids. (That’s always a good place to start.) We’ve also gotten creative and written a few of our own. For this project, our poems were quite simple and we used our hand prints as a guide.
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We started our project by tracing our hands. I cut a white sheet of paper in half so I wouldn’t overwhelm the girls with too big of a piece. I wanted their hand prints to fill the paper and not look lost in the background. The girls then traced their hand print with a marker.
Now it was time to write. We wrote “All About Me” in the palm of the hands and used the fingers to describe ourselves. Our poems aren’t very formal, and one could argue, not very poem-like. But, that wasn’t the point. Luckily, poetry can be anything you want it to be. My daughter’s poem was short, and at 11 syllables, even shorter than haiku. No matter. It was hers and it was poetry.
My daughter’s poem was pretty awesome (and did you catch that she described herself as awesome!). It was simple and it was true. It was any easy way to get her writing and being creative. I loved it!
Write simple descriptive poems on your hand print. A fun creative writing activities for kids.
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