Halloween Mummies

They’re spooky; they’re kooky; and they’re a whole lot of fun! Your kids will love making these simple Halloween mummies just as much as my kids did. The process is simple and you probably already have all the supplies you need.
We got out the empty cardboard tubes again, along with the googly eyes, for another fun set of Halloween characters. This time we made a few silly mummies.
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Supplies Needed:
Empty cardboard tube
White tissue paper torn into strips
Sponges (for spreading glue)


To prepare, you will want to thin your glue with water. I used regular school glue combined with water in a 1-1 ratio. Mix it well and it will work similar to ModPodge.
We used small sponges to spread our glue. I wanted the girls to be able to spread a lot of glue quickly and the sponges did the trick.


Spread the glue on your cardboard tube and start wrapping. Once you have one layer on, spread some glue over top of your tissue paper and wrap some more. The water/glue mixture will not get gloopy or clumpy. If you dab your sponge on top of the tissue paper instead of smearing, your tissue paper will not tear. And, if it does tear, you won’t notice.
Once you are satisfied with your wrapping, set your tube aside and walk away until it dries. It will look like a wet mess (see above picture), but once it dries, you’ll have a mummy.


After your mummies are dry, glue on the googly eyes. Use regular-strength glue and not your thinned out glue for the eyes. That’s it! Your mummies are finished!


Now, I wonder what else we can make with our empty cardboard tubes… any suggestions?

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