Easy Suncatcher Craft

Today, I’d like to welcome another guest poster, Ann from Little Worlds. She’s sharing a beautiful suncatcher craft. Take it away Ann!
This easy suncatcher craft has been a favourite of my 4 year old daughter for a while now. She loves to make art work to hang up in her room and around the house. And these suncatchers are both gorgeous and simple enough for preschoolers to make by themselves. Let me quickly talk you through the process.Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details.

You only need a few materials to make these suncatchers: plastic lids, Sharpies and washi tape.
Children will love drawing with Sharpies on the plastic lids. It’s a different experience from drawing on paper and I found that my daughter was intrigued by how her drawings looked when she held them against the light. She probably made a dozen drawings, from drawing objects in detail to wildly abstract scribbles. It seemed like she wanted to try out a few different techniques.
Once the drawings are finished you can let the children frame their art work by putting washi tape around the edges. Some good fine motor skills are needed for this and they might not be able to finish it very neatly. It doesn’t really matter. I noticed that my daughter prefers to do things by herself and is more proud of her creations when she’s needed no help from me.
You can hang up the suncatchers any way you like. Since we had so many, we made a little banner by punching a few holes near the edge and put some string through. It looked very pretty over our tea party set up!
There’s something completely adorable about simple preschool crafts. I love how they are a bit all over the place and how they can just sum up your little one’s character in one image. I wish I could hold on to all of those gorgeous creations!
There are so many ways to have fun with this little craft. These suncatchers could be made to hang in the classroom. They could be used for writing or coloring in names. If you trust your toddler with a Sharpie, you could let them have a go and creatively display their art work. You could make gifts for grandparents. You can take it any way you want really. Feel free to share your creative ideas in the comments below!

Ann is a former OT and mother of two little ones. She spends her days running around, trying to keep up with her family. On her blog Little Worlds she shares creative play ideas and tutorials for handmade toys that spark the imagination and encourage creativity. Ann was born in Belgium and is currently living in beautiful New Zealand. And yes, as a true Belgian she eats chocolate every day!


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