Weekends: Reflections on Motherhood

Five years ago, I became a mother.
It’s the most important role I’ve ever had to play.
It’s a humbling experience knowing that I have these two girls to love, nurture, and guide.
I get to teach them and play with them. I laugh with them. I pray every day that they will continue to delight in the world around them.
We play games, go on walks, draw pictures, and cook together.
I do all this knowing that one day this will change. They will grow up and find their way in the world. They’ll make mistakes, have their heart broken, and struggle at times.
But, they’ll also laugh, love, follow their dreams, and have adventures. Oh, I do hope they have adventures!
All I can do is love them and guide them. Yes – that is enough.
I’ll encourage the laughter, the hugs, and the late night giggle sessions between sisters.
I’ll pray that they remain good friends throughout their life. I’ll pray that they never lose their endless curiosity and eagerness to learn.
I hope they remain compassionate to both people and animals. I pray they will always be the lovely young ladies that they currently are.
As a mother, I sometimes doubt myself. Don’t we all?
But I know deep down that as long as my girls have plenty of love and gentle hands to guide them, they will thrive. And that is what being a mother – no, being a parent – is all about.
What does motherhood mean to you?
Happy Mother’s Day!

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Terri is a writer and mom of two elementary-aged girls. She has a passion for learning and is always looking for ways to make learning fun. You can find her at Better Than Homework where she shares fun learning activities or Creative Family Fun where she shares art, craft, and family fun ideas.

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