Weekends: Finding Balance

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Would it shock you to hear that I sometimes struggle with balance?

No, I don’t have it all together. In fact, a lot of time, like this past week for example, I feel like I have way too much on my plate.

I struggle to prioritize. I know I need to do better.

So, this weekend, while spending time with my family, I’m going to work on balance.

So, how do you find balance? Here are the steps I’m going to take to help balance my priorities.

1. Write it all down. Write down everything, big or little, that you have to do. Write down things you have to do as well as things you’ve been wanting to do. Make sure “learn to crochet” is on that list right along with “go grocery shopping” and “mail birthday cards.” When it’s all written down, you’ll have a better idea of everything you have to do.

2. Prioritize. What do you have to do now. What can you put off until later? Is there anything that you don’t need to do. Make sure you fulfill both your wants and needs. Is learning how to crochet important to you? List it as such. You can’t find balance if you don’t allow yourself time to fulfill some of your wants.

3. Slow down!¬†Stop the frenzied pace you’ve been living. You can feed your family sandwiches and raw veggies for dinner. The dust bunnies will not devour your house if you let them sit one more day. Step back and breathe. You’ll find it much easier to tackle your list if you take it slowly.

4. Say no. Are you over-committed? Is there anything you can say no to? If there is nothing you can cross off your list now, can you say no to any commitments that come up in the near future. Try not to add anything more to your list until you can cross things off.

5. Enjoy the little things. Read a book you’ve been meaning to. Help you child find rocks to add to their collections. Hold your husband’s hand. Snuggle with a baby. Remember, life doesn’t need to be frantic and focusing on the little things can help bring that into perspective.

I’m hoping I can find balance this weekend. How about you? Do you struggle with balance?

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