Tape Resist Painting

To be quite honest, I debated whether or not to post this project because as you’ll see, it didn’t quite turn out for us.
But, as had been the overriding theme during our art week, it was all about the process and not the end product.
We decided to tackle tape resist painting as our final project of the week.
I gave the girls pieces of painter’s tape and plain printer paper. I also provided two colors of paint. I wanted two colors that would mix well, so I chose red and yellow.
As you can see, AJ decided to tape her paper down to the table! I finally convinced her to try to stick the tape in the middle of the paper.
Lizzie decided to make a box like shape with her tape. Then, they both set off to painting. Red was quite the popular color and Lizzie painted and painted until her paper was covered.
We let the paint dry for a little while and then attempted to peel off the tape. This would be the point that the project didn’t quite go as planned.
As you can see, the paint bled through a little and if you look at the wad of tape at the top of the photo, you’ll see that it pulled off some of the paper.
I think if we tried this again, I would use a heavier paper such as card stock instead of the copy paper. That should definitely solve the problem of the peeling paper.
Oh, and can I make a confession here? AJ slapped a little bit of paint on the paper and moved on to more interesting things… so, I decided to finish her project. I like to paint and I love art projects!
Lizzie’s project turned out really well, even though we did need to tape up a couple of holes. The important part was that she had fun and enjoyed the process immensely!
The lesson learned for me – it doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you enjoy it.
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