Summer Bucket List, Revisited

I’m sure you’re wondering how our summer bucket list is going. I posted our list here about two months ago and I thought it was about time to update you on our progress. We haven’t completed everything on the list or even most of it. And, I can tell you that we probably won’t ever complete the whole thing. But, that wasn’t the point. The point was to have some ideas and to make the most of our summer. That we have done.
Summer Bucket List
1. Host a cook-out
2. Camp out in our backyard – This one won’t happen this year, since we sold our tent at our garage sale! But, we did go on a real camping trip over Memorial Day weekend. That should count, shouldn’t it?
3. Take a trip to the zoo
4. Make a sunflower playhouse – This is a work in progress, it’s getting bigger and prettier every day. Here’s a couple of our latest pictures.


5. Go stargazing – I’ve been waiting for it to start getting dark a little earlier since I want Lizzie to join me. This may happen in September, but it’s still summer until late September, right?
6. Go hiking – I took the girls to a small trail close to home. They had a great time and turned out to be quite good little hikers.


7. Take a trip to the farmer’s market

8. Go rock hunting – You can check out this post to find out about our rock hunting!
9. Visit a state park
10. Play in the sprinklers – several times!
11. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
12. Make ice cream – It didn’t turn out so well, but we made it nonetheless!
13. Go on a picnic – a few times!
14. Make homemade lemonade – we haven’t done this yet, but I think I’m going to stock up on lemons during my next grocery trip.

15. Host an ice cream social party

16. Make salsa from my garden – I hope this happens, but I’m not sure. My jalapeno plant shows no signs of actually producing a pepper. But, I do have quite a few banana peppers that I’m not sure what to actually do with! Any ideas?
17. See a fireworks show
18. Go to our county fair – This won’t happen either. I chickened out. I really don’t enjoy fairs all that much any more… and I just couldn’t muster up the courage to go. 🙁
19. Visit a small town festival – We went to Children’s Day at our local hometown festival. The girls had a blast and it wasn’t nearly as scary crowded as the actual county fair.
20. Swim in a lake
 So, there you have it. We’ve completed eight of a list of twenty. There’s still some weeks of summer left and still plenty of time to accomplish some more. And that homemade lemonade… yep, that’s going to happen soon!
Did you make a summer buck list? How is it going?
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