Story Sequencing Game With the Gigantic Turnip

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This week, we’re taking a virtual trip to Russia.
Since we’ve been watching the Olympics lately, the girls have had a natural curiosity about the host country.
So, this week we’re going to explore Russian culture through folk tales and art.
We began with our favorite Russian folktale… let me correct that… one of our favorite folktales period, The Gigantic Turnip
by Aleksei Tolstoy.
We work a lot on reading comprehension at home. Most of this is covered by our nightly chapter book readings.
But, sometimes I like to play games to make sure the girls are listening and understanding when we read. This time, we tried an easy story sequencing game.
In the book, a series of people and animals come to help pull the gigantic turnip out of the ground.
Before we read the book, I took a pile of index cards and wrote each helper on a separate card. Then, we settled in to read the story.
Once we were finished the story, I laid all the cards on the floor.
I challenged the girls to put all the characters in order from the first person who started pulling the turnip to the last.
I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly they rearranged the cards.
Even if your child is not able to recall the order, let them look back at the pictures in the book.
No matter the process, you are getting them to think about the book and remember what they read.

This is such an easy way to enrich a book and to sneak in a little learning at home.

My oldest is in school all day, so I don’t want to be duplicating the work of the teacher. I want our learning at home to be different and fun. This simple game fit the bill!

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