Snow Sensory and Small World Play

I’ve seen wonderful ideas for sensory play all over blogland, but up until now, I haven’t set up a sensory bin for my girls.

Last night, I decided it was time to do it, and I set up a small sensory bin for the girls.

Instead of filling a large bin, I decided to put the items in a small basket and provide a piece of fabric for them to set up their own snow scene.

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Sensory Basket Contents:
Cotton balls
Blue puff balls
Clear white and blue glass marbles (vase fillers from the dollar store)
Cardboard snowmen (made from a cracker box)
Small polar bears (a toy we’ve had for years)

The girls got busy making a snowy wonderland.

They spread it out.

They made the snow fall.

They stacked snow on the polar bear’s head.

And, they even made a river from the glass marbles.

That, my friends, is our little river!

After playing for awhile, Lizzie found our painter’s palette and decided it needed to be a part of our sensory bin.

I did lay down a couple of rules while playing. I certainly didn’t want the little pieces all over the house!

I told them they could play with this at any time as long as everything remained on the table and there was no fighting over the pieces.

So far so good!

Note: I did let my 2-year-old play with the little pieces. I was sitting at the table with them and she doesn’t have the tendency to put things in her mouth. Please know your child’s limitations and supervise carefully!

The girls had fun and so did the polar bears! I hope they continue to enjoy it for the days to come.

Do you have any examples of sensory play? I enjoyed setting this one up and hope to do more in the future.

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