Snow Painting Art Activity

What do you do when it’s too cold to go and play in the snow outside? You bring a little inside!

When I originally planned this snow painting art activity, we were going to suit up in the winter gear and do some fun outdoor art. But thanks to the recent polar vortex (Brrrrr…) and wind chills hovering around -50 degrees F, I was forced to scrap my original plans.

That’s when it hit me, we should bring some of the snow indoors!

Use snow as your canvas and use a simple DIY snow paint to get creative with this fun Snow Painting Art Activity for kids.

We created a simple DIY snow paint and got ready to create. It was fun and a great way to spend a cold and snowy day!

Are you ready to do some snow painting? 

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Set up your Snow Painting art activity

I mixed up a few colors of paint before I braved the cold to fetch our snow.

The paint is simple. To make it, I filled the cups of a muffin tin about 2/3rd’s full of water. I then added about 3 – 4 drops of food coloring in each.

We went with shades of blue and green only because I was completely out of red food coloring.

I cut up a sponge into small pieces to use instead of a paint brush.

After freezing my rear off fetching snow, I filled up two square baking pans.

We patted the snow down and tried to make it level. These were our painting canvases.

The girls were eager to get started.

Have fun creating!

The took the sponges and started painting.

And start they did. One painted stripes, the other opted for a more random design.

They giggled and they squeezed their sponges.

Then, they experimented to see what would happen if they pressed down hard or if they left their sponge sitting on the snow for awhile.

Use snow as your canvas and use a simple DIY snow paint to get creative with this fun Snow Painting Art Activity for kids.

My girls used up every single drop of paint by the time they were done and we were left with some snow masterpieces.

Unfortunately, these masterpieces don’t last very long. It’s a good thing I was taking pictures!

Have you ever tried snow painting?

Use snow as your canvas and use a simple DIY snow paint to get creative with this fun Snow Painting Art Activity for kids.

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