Owl Masks

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While learning about birds, there was no way we could forget the owl. Plus, the girls love just about any excuse to run around the house “hoo-hooing” at the top of their lungs.
To encourage a bit of owl play, we got out our supply of paper plates and made a couple of owl masks.


I cut the initial shape and the eye holes.
We opted for the horned owl look, but you could certainly leave the paper plate round as many owls have rounded faces.
We looked at several owl pictures for inspiration and picked out a few paint colors that were best suited to the owl.
After cutting out the shapes, I stepped back and let the girls work on their own.
The girls looked at pictures and got lost in the painting for awhile.
Lizzie had found a picture of a great-horned owl and was attempting to replicate the look on her mask. I love the white circles she made around the eye holes!
AJ added a bit of yellow to her owl. She loves yellow and wants to add that color to just about everything she does! She had a lot of fun just experimenting with her paint.
When the paint was dry, we drew on beaks, punched holes in the side, and added string to tie around the girls head. Then they ran around the house “hoo-hooing” at the top of their lungs!
What animal does your kid like to pretend to be?

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