Olympic Rings Collage

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Have you been watching the Olympics?

We have and we’ve been loving every minute. Of course, we couldn’t let the moment pass without some fun activities.

This week at Creative Family Fun, we will be celebrating the Winter Olympics with some fun crafts and activities. And, we’re starting out with this fun Olympic Rings collage.

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Supplies Needed:

Thin cardboard (cereal or cracker boxes)
2 sizes of circles to trace
Paint (Red, black, blue, green, and yellow)
Paper, ribbon, and fabric scraps in the same colors as your paint

To begin, we traced 5 circles on our cereal boxes. We used a saucer for our outer circle and a jar lid for the inner circle.

Our circles were big, so we were only able to get two rings from each cereal box. Good thing I’ve been hoarding cereal boxes!

Once we had our circles traced, we cut out our rings.

Once we had our rings cut out, we started painting.

You can view a picture of the rings and the Olympic flag here. We had a red, blue, black, yellow, and green ring.

After painting, we started on our collages.

We had sorted through a lot of our scraps we save for collages. We had fabric, paper, foam pieces, tissue paper, and ribbon. You can also use magazine pages or card scraps. Anything that you can glue down to your cardboard ring would work. We found all sorts of fun things for our collages.

Once we were finished and our glue had dried, we arranged them in the correct order.

We’ll be hanging them up outside the girls’ room, which has been renamed Olympic Village for the duration of the games.

Our resident pretend snowboarder and pretend figure skater need a place to stay while competing!

To Learn More About the Olympics:

Visit Fact Monster for a lot of fun facts about the Olympics, including the meaning of the colors in the Olympic Rings.

The official Sochi 2014 Website will keep you up-to-date on all the Olympic results. Find out the countries involved, the sporting events, and a medal count.

For another kid project, check out Crayon Box Chronicles. You can find out how to make a set of origami Olympic bracelets. So cool!

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