Nature Scavenger Hunt, sort of

We were feeling a bit cooped up one day last week. The girls were driving each other (and me) crazy and honestly, we were all bored.The evening promised to be more of the same since my hubby had an after-work work activity to go to. This just wouldn’t do!

I had our summer bucket list on my mind and nature scavenger hunts were particularly appealing. The only problem, time. We needed out of the house and fast! I most certainly didn’t want to take the time to prep a scavenger hunt.So, we did the next best thing. After packing up a quick picnic dinner, we piled in the car to one of our local parks and declared ourselves treasure hunters. We were going to go hunting for nature treasures.

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All the gold and diamonds in the world could not compare with all the cool sticks we found. We don’t have any mature trees in our yard, so we’re not playing with sticks on a daily basis. But, the park we chose was full of fun sticks. We found long ones, short ones, thick ones, crooked ones and skinny ones. We even made a small collection to take back home. You’ve got to have sticks to play with, right?

I even tried my best to get the girls to pose in front of this stone chimney, but apparently they weren’t quite into the idea of posing… there were treasures to find!

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