Hey Diddle Diddle Collage

Hey diddle diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
The little dog laughed
To see such spot,
And the dish ran away
with the spoon.
For our final nursery rhyme craft, we did a simple collage based on “Hey Diddle Diddle.”
Lizzie, age 4, was able to work independently on this project while I helped AJ, age 2, with hers.


I presented the girls with pre-cut shapes: a moon, fiddle, cow, dish and spoon.
I also typed up the nursery rhyme, printed it, and cut it out as well.
 All the shapes were simple and easy to cut with the exception of the cow. To make cutting the cow easier, I would suggest using clip art or tracing a picture from your favorite nursery rhyme book, then cutting.


The task was simple. I got out the glue sticks and had the girls glue the pictures down however they wanted.
While working, we recited “Hey Diddle Diddle” over and over and over again!


Lizzie wasn’t satisfied with her collage until she had found some markers and added strings to the fiddle. Because, you can’t play a fiddle without the strings.


AJ thought “Hey Diddle Diddle” would have a much better ending if the fiddle ran away with the spoon!
I hope you enjoyed our nursery rhyme crafts and activities! I really enjoyed working on this theme week and plan on doing more theme weeks in the future. Do you have any themes you want me to tackle?
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