Easter Egg Dye Pour Painting

I’ve always loved the tradition of dying Easter eggs.

We typically do the traditional method of mixing up cups of egg dye made from food coloring and vinegar and dipping our eggs.
We’re still going to do that this year. We usually dye eggs the Saturday before Easter.
But, I also wanted to do a little egg dying experiment this year. For this project, we spooned our dye over top of our eggs.
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I ran across a dozen plastic dye-able eggs at a big box store to use for this project.
We used these so we could keep them out all week and use them again next year.
But, you can certainly use this technique with regular hard-boiled eggs or blown-out eggs. (TinkerLab has a few great tips for blowing out an egg if you want to go that route.)
To make these eggs, you can either use a traditional egg dye or liquid watercolors. We chose the liquid watercolors because there wasn’t any prep work involved.
Turn an extra egg carton upside down and prop your eggs in between the cups.
This is a great trick. The egg carton will hold your egg upright for you and you can use both hands for decorating. Plus the egg carton soaks up all the excess dye and keeps it from running all over the table.
If you don’t have paper egg cartons, put a baking sheet under the eggs to help catch your egg dye.
Once we were all set up with cups of our liquid watercolors, egg cartons, and spoons for each color, the girls got to work.
My oldest was very deliberate with her color choices and even managed to make a fun rainbow effect.
My preschooler started turning her eggs every which way to get the best coverage.
There really is no right way to do this project. Just pour and create.
Try a fun twist on dyeing Easter eggs this year - egg dye pour painting!
I love these eggs and I’m so happy we’ll have then for Easter decorating every year.
Have you decorated your eggs yet? Do you use a traditional dye, natural dyes, or a fun technique?


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