Colorful Buildings: Exploring Albania Through Art

Our second stop in Project: Around the World was Albania. Albania is a small country located in Eastern Europe, just east of the heel of the boot that is Italy. (See it on a map here.) It was a little bit difficult to narrow down our inspiration. Albania is a beautiful country and I found many examples of beautiful buildings and traditional folk costumes. In the end, we stumbled across the town of Tirana. Tirana was completely downtrodden until mayor Edi Rama decided to brighten the spirits of the citizens with paint. Tirana is now completely transformed and is full of the most fun and beautiful brightly colored buildings. (You can see before and after examples at this link from TEDx.) For our art project inspired by Albania, we took a few simple supplies and made our own version of the colorful buildings of Tirana.
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Supplies Needed:
White paper
Oil pastels (crayons or markers will also work)
Before designing our buildings, we folded each piece of paper in half. Make a sharp crease to help the buildings stand up.
Next, we used our pencils to add our doors and our windows. We outlined these with black oil pastel to help them stand out. Most of the buildings we was in the pictures were larger apartment buildings, so we tried duplicating this on our buildings.
After we were satisfied with our basic buildings, we started adding the bright colors. You can be inspired by the pictures of Tirana or dream up your own design. Both girls decided to add a little big of nature to their buildings with clouds, trees, and flowers. Once we finished, we refolded the paper and stood our buildings up. We had our own mini version of the colorful buildings in Tirana.
Our virtual trip to Albania was short, but fun. I won’t have a separate book post this time since I was unable to find any books about Albania. I did find one folk story in the the book, Magic Hoofbeats: Fantastic Horse Tales retold by Josepha Sherman. If you know of any books about Albania, please let me know in the comment section. Otherwise, online you can browse through Lonely Planet’s guide to Albania for pictures and information about places you can visit.
Thanks for traveling along on our virtual trip around the world!


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