Collage Heart Valentines

Valentine’s Day always brings out the crafters in us.
We love to get out the red and pink paper, scissors, glue, doilies, stickers, and every odd and end imaginable.
Sometimes the result is just a lot of fun time creating.
And, sometimes the result is a pretty Valentine’s Day card we can send to family and friends.
For this craft, we used our scrap bits and pieces to make some amazing collages, which we then transformed into simple cards. When we got done, we had created these pretty Collage Heart Valentines.
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Supplies Needed:
Collage materials (paper scraps, fabric scraps, ribbon, tape, foam pieces, felt, magazine cut-outs, etc.)
Scissors (both plain & fancy if you have them)
Our first step was creating our collages.I presented the girls a basket that was full of collage materials, all of which were either pink or red. We had shiny fabric scraps, felt pieces, scrapbook paper, magazine cutouts, a piece of a red crepe streamer, and just about anything we could find in our crafting stash.

The girls arranged and glued until they were satisfied with their collages.

While we were waiting for our collages to dry we folded our cardstock into note cards.If you plan on mailing these cards, then simply cut them to fit in whatever envelopes you happen to have at home.

Then, using some scrap cardboard, we made a heart template to use for cutting our collages.I made it was big enough to fill the space on our cards. We wanted only one heart per card.

After our collages were dry, we traced our heart template to the back of our collages.Note: If you trace the heart on the back, once you cut it out you won’t have any pencil lines.  

We glued these hearts to the front of our note cards, added a special message, and then our Valentines were ready to go.
I love how a simple collage turned these hearts into works of art!This Valentines craft was so much fun to do. It’s perfect for both a large and small group of kids.

What kinds of Valentines are you sending out this year? I bet there’s a special person who would love receiving one of these Collage Heart Valentines.
Turn a simple collage into beautiful cards with this fun Valentines Day craft for kids.
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