Christmas Tree Cards

We were inspired by Dilly-Dali Art’s homemade Christmas cards on day 2 of the Creative Christmas Countdown and decided to make some of our own. We did our own twist on the paper scrap ornaments and came up with these Christmas tree collage cards. It was such a fun Christmas craft to make.

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Supplies Needed:
Colored tissue paper torn into small pieces
White paper (we used copy paper)
Cardstock or construction paper
Glue (I used a mixture of 1 part glue to 1 part water for this project)
Paint brushes



For the first step in this project, we made collages with our tissue paper on the white copy paper.

When gluing down tissue paper, you will want to thin out your glue. Using 1 part glue to 1 part water was perfect for this project. We were able to apply it with paint brushes in a thin layer.

To further secure your collage, apply more glue on top of your tissue paper. Don’t worry, it will dry clear.


We worked and worked until our papers were covered.

This was the messiest part of the whole project, so of course, it was the part the girls liked best!

The paper was a bit soggy when we were done, but it did dry nicely.


After our collages were dry, we cut simple triangles out of the paper.

We attached them to the front of the folded card stock with double-sided tape. You could also used a glue stick to attach the triangles.

We used the markers to draw the trunks, then had fun decorating our trees with stickers.


Here are Lizzie’s finished cards. She wanted to make sure her trees were well decorated!

And yes, your eyes do not deceive you, there are Halloween stickers on the first card!


These are AJ’s finished cards. She decided to put her stickers inside the cards!

We had a lot of fun making our cards! Thank you Dilly-Dali Art for the inspiration!


If you would like to see more fun homemade card inspiration, head on over to Teach Preschool. It’s Day 4 of the Creative Christmas Countdown and Teach Preschool shows you how to make thank-you cards from our child’s artwork. 

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