12 Candy-Free Valentines

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Every time Valentine’s Day rolls around, I feel like my kids have overdosed on sugar. The idea of non-candy Valentine’s sounds so appealing.

Our Halloween candy tends to last well into December, which leads to Christmas cookies, and candy in their stocking. By mid-January, I am so over candy and so over my girls’ assumption that we’ll always have candy in the house.

That’s what led me to search for some awesome Valentine ideas that contained absolutely no candy.

These are all perfect ideas for classroom Valentines or just a special little treat for your own kids.

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All is takes are some glow sticks to make these fun Lego Star Wars Valentines from Stitch/Craft.

You can find parachute man Valentines at Paging Supermom along with a free printable bag topper.

I have yet to meet a kid that didn’t like bubbles, that’s why these bubble Valentines from Domestic Charm are perfect.

These friendship bracelet Valentines from [dandee] are a great choice for older kids who like to get crafty.

If you’ve got car-obsessed kids, I bet they’d love giving these car Valentines from Yvonne Byatt’s Family Fun to their friends.

Shop the party aisle for supplies for these A-MAZE-ing Valentines from Crap I’ve Made.

One part Valentine, one part game. These I Spy Valentine cards from A Mom With a Lesson Plan look like super-fun!

These peg doll fairies from Curly Birds is another great option for your crafty kids.

Give your Valentines a fun tool for exploration with these magnifying glass Valentines from [dandee].

I love these “You Color My Heart” Valentines from A Mom With a Lesson Plan and think these may be a great choice for my Kindergartner to give her friends.

Homemade play dough and a heart cookie cutter is such a simple and fun idea from Buggy and Buddy.

Recycle all of your Crayon bits and pieces to make these fun Crayon heart Valentines from Whipperberry.

Do you have any candy-free Valentine ideas? I’m always on the lookout for more!

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