Simple Ideas for Holiday Family Fun

Merry Christmas! Posting has been slow around here lately as I’ve been enjoying the holiday season.
I love this time of year so much and want to spend plenty of time enjoying the simple pleasures of Christmas.
But, I did want to post one last time before I signed off for Christmas and New Years. I encourage you to do the same.
Spend time with your family. Enjoy the season.
Here are 10 simple ways to spend time together as a family over the holidays.
  1. Gather round and go through your Christmas cards together. Tell stories about your family and friends to help your children get to know them better.
  2. Put the kids in their pj’s (you can wear some too) and drive around to look at Christmas lights.
  3. Settle in with mugs of hot chocolate and a pile of Christmas books. Have a family read-aloud night.
  4. Sing carols together. Have your little musicians accompany the family with some homemade jingle bell shakers. (You can find the instructions here at Daria Music.)
  5. Bundle up and go for a winter evening walk. Look at all the holiday decorations in your neighborhood. Use the time to appreciate the sights and sounds of nature.
  6. Bake Christmas cookies. Pick out a fun new recipe, buy the ingredients, and spend time in the kitchen together.
  7. Have a board game night. Pick a few favorite games and spend the evening playing. Younger children can team up with a parent or older sibling if needed.
  8. Brainstorm your New Year’s resolutions together. Or, just talk about your hopes and plans for the new year. Is there anything you can do together as a family?
  9. Spend an evening doing family interviews. Consider making it a family tradition.
  10. Play charades! It’s an old-fashioned game that has stood that test of time. And it’s no wonder, it’s fun to play.


What are some of your favorite holiday family activities?
See you back here after New Years Day!

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