Paper Plate Jack-O-Lanterns

Today marks the half-way point of 14 Days of Halloween Fun and I hope you’ve found some fun projects to do with your kids. I’ve been trying to hit all age groups and today’s project is perfect for the preschool crowd. (Although my kindergartner and 2nd grader also enjoyed making these.) We took a simple concept, the paper plate jack-o-lantern, and added a twist. They double as a sun catcher and the yellow tissue paper helps give them a glow when they’re hanging in a sunny window.
Supplies Needed:
Paper plate
Sharp Scissors
Orange paint
Black paint
Yellow tissue paper
Brown construction paper
Glue stick
Have the kids draw a jack-o-lantern face on the bottom of the paper plate. Use the sharp scissors to cut out the face. This is the part that a grown-up will want to help with, since it requires sharp scissors to make the cuts.
Once the pieces are all cut out, paint the entire paper plate orange. Use the black to outline around all the cut pieces. We found that the black outline helped our jack-o-lantern face stand out more.
Let the paint dry a bit, and then turn it over and glue down a piece of yellow tissue paper. We cut a piece that would fit inside the plate and would cover all the open spots. We used a glue stick so that it would dry quickly. Cut a stem from your brown construction paper and glue it to the top of your jack-o-lantern.
Once they’re done (and fully dry), hang your jack-o-lanterns up in the window. The tissue paper will help give your jack-o-lantern a glow like it was lit up by a candle. These are fun to make and very pretty once they’re done!
Have fun crafting this Halloween season!

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