Get Crafty: Layered Tissue Paper Butterflies

Butterflies are always a popular subject in the Creative Family Fun household.
So, when the girls wanted to do a craft project, the first thing that popped into my head was a butterfly project.
We had a lot of leftover torn bits of tissue paper from another project, so we thought we’d use them to make layered tissue paper butterflies.


Supplies Needed:
White paper
Black marker
Torn bits of colored tissue paper
Paint brush
Pipe cleaner
Before we started, I drew simple butterfly shapes on the paper.
I gave the girls some glue that was thinned out with water to make brushing easier.
They painted the glue on their paper and started sticking the tissue bits.
I encouraged layering and overlapping to see what kind of pretty designs the girls could come up with.
We didn’t worry about staying within the lines either; we were planning on cutting out our butterflies.
Once the glue dried, we cut out our butterflies and attached our antennae.
I cut a sparkly pipe cleaner in half. The girls bent each piece into a “u” shape. We then attached them to the back of our butterfly heads with tape.
Simple and fun!
Perhaps the best part about this project was that the girls spent the afternoon playing with their new butterfly “toys.” I love it when a craft project turns into a play thing!
Have you made anything fun with your kids lately?

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