Stop Summer Slide with Summer Reading Challenges

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My number one tool for combating summer slide is reading. Thank goodness for summer reading challenges to encourage this! We usually enroll every year in our library’s summer reading program. It’s a great place to start. And honestly, if this is the only thing you’re doing to beat summer slide, then you’re in great shape.

Reading every day is so important. Your kids will keep their reading level steady – and they may even improve! They’ll learn some new facts and increase their vocabulary. And best of all, they’ll have fun.

I’ve rounded up some fun summer reading challenges for kids. I know you’ll find some ideas that work for your family.

One way to stop summer slide is by encouraging your child to read. These summer reading challenges are perfect to do over break.

Have fun with one of these summer reading challenges

If you’re looking for something simple, you’ll find a fun reading log your kids can color at This Reading Mom. Each time they read a book, they can color in one of the books on the shelf.

Get a line across, down, or vertical. Or go for the ultimate challenge with a black out! The Chirping Moms has three different BINGO cards you can print for summer reading fun.

Challenge your kids to think outside of the box. Clare’s Contemplations has a fun summer reading challenge for kids that will get your kids reading all kinds of different things.

Try a punch card for a fun reading incentive. Print out these printable punchcard bookmarks at Over the Big Moon. Your kids can earn a punch for ever book they read, or every time they read for 30 minutes, or whatever you decide.

Challenge your kids to read around the world. Print out the reading challenge map at Stuffed Suitcase. You can read the books suggested in the post or challenge your kids to find their own books that take place in the selected areas around the world.

Can you read 100 books this summer? That’s a HUGE challenge isn’t it? If your kids are up for the challenge, they can read a book in each of the 100 places in this challenge from The Measured Mom.

One way to stop summer slide is by encouraging your child to read. These summer reading challenges are perfect to do over break.

More fun reading challenges

Help your kids be a Summer Reading Star with this printable summer reading kit complete with Summer Reading BINGO, reward coupons, a summer reading banner and more. You can find it at How Does She. (Note: This is a subscriber freebie, so you will need to subscribe to the email list to gain access to this printable.

Read along with a daily reading prompt. No Time for Flashcards has monthly reading challenge calendars (for June, July, and August) that will give your kids a reading challenge a day.

Display all the books you read on this printable summer reading chain at Eighteen25. Each time your child reads a book, they can fill in the information and add a new link to their chain. It would be fun to see how long your chain can grow.

Simple As That has a pretty printable summer reading kit with an old-fashioned flair. (I loved how much it reminded me of the old library card pockets.)

Childhood 101 has a great reading log printable that you can use time and time again. Challenge your kids to fill in the entire log. There’s even a star rating system so you can easily remember the books you liked a lot and the books you didn’t.

Are you up for some fun – and somewhat challenging – reading challenges for the summer? Check out these 9 challenges from Growing Book by Book. You’ll be reading books you never would have thought of before.

Go on a library scavenger hunt and see what you can find! Read books across all genres to complete this challenge found here.

Don’t forget to make some fun new bookmarks to help you keep track of your reading.

Get creative with a hole-punch and make these fun and colorful Hole-Punched Bookmarks.

Magic Wand Reading Pointers can work as both a bookmark and a reading pointer. You’ll definitely want a supply of these. Or, your sports fans may love one of these All-Star Sports Reading Pointers from Better Than Homework.

Make some fun corner bookmarks. Red Ted Art has so many great ideas. You can make Minions, pandas, emoji, butterflies, and more.

Keep reading this summer and beat summer slide with one (or a few) of these summer reading challenges!

One way to stop summer slide is by encouraging your child to read. These summer reading challenges are perfect to do over break.

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