Create a Spelling Words Word Search

Did you know that it’s really easy to create your own word search?

It looks quite difficult, and honestly it would be quite time consuming if you made one from scratch. (I should know, I have before.) But, luckily, there are some online resources to help you make one quickly and easily.

So, if you’ve got a word puzzle loving kid, turn their spelling words into a fun spelling words word search.


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Word Search Puzzle Maker

I found two different online puzzle makers that are easy to use.

My favorite (and the one pictured) was the Word Search Puzzle Maker at A to Z Teacher Stuff. This one came out on top only because I liked the look of the puzzle a little bit better.

The other good option is the PuzzleMaker at Discovery Education. Both will walk you step-by-step through the process and both print nicely. You’ll have a personalized word search in minutes.

Note: Both of these puzzle makers are for personal or classroom use only. Meaning, it’s perfectly alright to make as many as you want for your own child at home or even for use in the classroom. But, you can’t distribute them from a blog, a book, or… well, you get the picture.

Practice Spelling With a Spelling Words Word Search

I’m a big fan of word searches and I know many people are.

I like these puzzle makers because they make it so easy to create a word search using your child’s spelling list.

It takes minutes to do, so it would be easy enough to make one up for each list if your child enjoys this.

It does help them study, because they have to pay attention to all the letters as they search through the puzzle.

It’s a great independent activity and just plain fun.


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Buy the 31 Ways to Practice Spelling Words Ebook

You can purchase a printable form of this book for $7.50 The book is designed to print and turn into a half-page size booklet. It’s perfect to keep at your homework station. Your kids can flip through and find a fun way to practice their spelling words.

The ideas will be convenient and ready to use. No need to turn on the computer every day for ideas.

Most activities require little to no prep time. And, if you make sure you have all the supplies on the Master Supply List (included in the book) on hand, you’ll be able to do any of these fun spelling word ideas any time.

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