Simple Valentine Card Making Station

No matter how many creative Valentine’s craft ideas I come up with, a basic card making station has always been the most popular with my girls.
It’s better than any art project I, or anyone else, can come up with.
Luckily, this is probably the simplest Valentine idea around. Any parent can put together a Valentine card making station. It really is easy.
It’s nothing more than a simple invitation to create with a selection of craft supplies that allows your child to make as many open-ended projects they want. The kids will love it and you will too.
You'll find a list of all the supplies you need to set up a simple Valentine card making station for the kids. Don't worry, you probably already have everything at home!
Keep reading to find out all the basics for setting up your own Valentine Card Making Station.
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The Basic Supplies
Construction paper cut to size (I like to cut a piece of paper in half and then fold each of these pieces in half.)
Scrap paper
You really don’t need any more supplies than the basics that I’ve listed. Just leave them out with an invitation to make Valentines. Your kids will take it from there.
If you want to mix it up, add any or all of these extra supplies to your card making station.
Extra Supplies:
(Not Pictured)
Heart stencils or heart cookie cutters to trace
Fabric scraps
Or anything else you may find among your craft supplies
(Notice the dog loves to hang out and nap with us as we create. Love!)
When I first pulled all the supplies out, my girls were so excited.
I purposely don’t leave any examples out.
I wanted them to create whatever they wanted.
They spent an entire afternoon cutting, glitter gluing, and writing.
My oldest (2nd grader) even worked hard trying to come up with clever Valentine puns for her cards. My favorite was, “I flutter by to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day,” surrounded by butterfly stickers.
This open-ended Valentine station is always popular at our house.
We’ve got plans to pull it out several more times before Valentine’s Day.
Since I don’t have a space where we can leave the supplies out all the time, I found a basket that easily holds everything. It takes very little effort to pack up the supplies and the girls can easily get them out the next time they create.
If you’re looking for a fun Valentine’s activity for kids, set up a simple card making station. It’s a fun, creative activity to do together with the kids.
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