Sight Word Pick and Spell

If you have kids learning to read, you know how important sights words are to the learning process. I’m always looking for ways to make learning sight words fun. We’ve play Sight Word Islands on the driveway and now we’re playing a fun Pick & Spell game, which is similar to Bingo. It’s an easy game to play and a fun way to learn your sight words.
Supplies Needed:
Sight word game sheets (click the link to download and print)
Scrap paper
Manipulatives to cover your letters (glass beads, rocks, pennies, bottle caps, etc.)
A couple of willing players
To prep the game you will need to write each letter of the alphabet on separate pieces of paper. I had some leftovers paper circles from another project, so that is what I used. Put all of your alphabet pieces in a bag.
You’ll also want to print out the sight word game sheets. I used the Dolch sight word list to create the game. You’ll find all the pre-primer words, except for a and I, on the game sheets. (I will be creating game sheets to go with the Primer, Grade One, and Grade Two lists in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!) I chose the Dolch lists because that is the list my girls’ school uses.
How to Play:
The game play is similar to Bingo. Give each child one of the sight word game sheets and a pile of manipulatives. Have one person reach into the bag and pull out a letter. When we played, I was in charge of pulling out the letters, but the kids can also take turns doing this part. After a letter is selected, each child will cover every occurrence of letter on their board. Continue on by pulling out another letter. Keep going until someone has covered every letter on their board. Yay, you’ve got a winner!
This is a fun way to help your child become familiar with these very important sight words. The more fun and playful ways you can employ to teach sight words, the easier it will be to learn them. So the next time you want to review sight words, play a little Pick & Spell!
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Terri is a writer and mom of two elementary-aged girls. She has a passion for learning and is always looking for ways to make learning fun. You can find her at Better Than Homework where she shares fun learning activities or Creative Family Fun where she shares art, craft, and family fun ideas.

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