Shamrock Smoosh Painting

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Confession time: we don’t usually do a lot of St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

That’s why you won’t find many shamrock and leprechaun projects in the archives.

But this year, we had a bit of a St. Patrick’s Day crafting frenzy.

Yesterday, I shared our pretty shamrock rainbows and today we’re going to be doing a bit of smoosh painting. (Yes, I made up that term! It’s a fun word for a fun process)

Shamrock Smoosh Painting: A Fun St. Patrick's Day craft for kids.
Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure Page for more details.


Supplies Needed:
Thin cardboard (we used a cracker box)
To begin, tear off a piece of plastic wrap for each child.
Squirt a little bit of each shade of green paint onto the plastic wrap. We were using three different paint colors, but any amount more than two will work.
Next – and this is the best part – turn the plastic wrap paint side down on your paper and start smooshing.
Smoosh all over.
Smoosh the colors together.
Smoosh, smoosh, smoosh until most of your paper is covered.
This part of the process turned out to be a lot less messy than I anticipated.
I had covered the table with an old sheet and the girls only ended up with a little bit of paint on their fingers.
The messiest part was throwing away our paint-covered plastic wrap.
While waiting for the paint to dry, cut a shamrock from your cereal box.
They’re not as complicated to draw as you might think. Draw three hearts with their point meeting in the middle, add a stem, and you’re done.
If you’re still not confident in your drawing abilities, do a quick Google search for a shamrock to trace.
Cut out the shamrock and brush glue all over it. We used a watered down glue (one part glue to one part water) to easily get coverage over the entire shamrock.
Put your dried painting on top of the cardboard cutout, painted side facing out.
Press down until it’s stuck good.
We ended up putting ours under a heavy book for awhile to press it down and make sure our edges didn’t curl.
Once your glue is dry, use your cardboard as a guide to cut the paper.
And, you’re done!
I love how these turned out… and I really loved the smooshy process we went through to make these fun shamrocks.
Have fun decorating and crafting for St. Patrick’s Day!
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