Punctuation Stickers Activity for Kids

I’m a writer, so punctuation comes naturally. It seems like it’s something I’ve always known.

But, I know that’s not the case. Once upon a time way back in elementary school, I learned the basics – how to end a sentence.

Do you use a period, a question mark, or an exclamation point? The choice is important.

If you’ve got a child working on these basic grammar rules, I’ve got an easy DIY punctuation activity you can make in minutes, Punctuation Stickers.

This grammar activity, Punctuation Stickers, is a fun way to practice adding the correct punctuation to the end of a sentence.

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You only need a few simple office supplies and about five minutes to prep this game. Trust me, it’s easy!

Supplies Needed:

White printer paper
Dot Stickers
Black marker

How to make your Punctuation Stickers game:

Start by coming up with a few sentences. I only planned on six sentences, two for each type of punctuation.

Make the sentences simple and obvious. For example, start your questions with a question word like who, what, when, where, or how.

Write down each of the sentences on your white paper. Leave enough room to add a sticker at the end.

Next make your punctuation stickers. This step couldn’t be easier.

Add the punctuation marks you need on the dot stickers. I had two periods, two question marks, and two exclamation points.

Your game is done. See how easy this is?

Play this punctuation activity:

Game play is simple. Just choose the correct punctuation sticker and place one at the end of each sentence.

This missing punctuation game is most beneficial for kids who are just beginning to learn about punctuation and need some additional practice. It’s also an easy at-home check-in so you can see if your child has mastered this skill.

Extend the fun:

If you child is beyond the basics but still needs practice, extend the difficulty of the sentences. Or, you could even offer them a paragraph. Just make sure to leave enough room for your stickers.

Make it bigger! Tape a piece of brown wrapping paper to your wall and cover it with sentences. This is also a fun way to learn when your child is tired of sitting.

If you don’t want to (or don’t have time to) write your own sentences, just download and print the sentence strips from this Cut & Graph Punctuation Game. Use your punctuation stickers to put at the end of each of the sentence strips.

With a little practice, it won’t be long until your kids are completely comfortable choosing punctuation to end a sentence.

This grammar activity, Punctuation Stickers, is a fun way to practice adding the correct punctuation to the end of a sentence.

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